So your vehicle’s behaving strange? You just need an inspection or some help putting on that set of winter tires? Either way, it’s probably a good idea for you to contact Elmer’s Brighton Garage. When you own a vehicle, it’s important to find a garage you can trust to continually provide the best service. Establishing a repair history with one shop means you attain consistency in terms of the work and their ability to more fully understand the language your car “speaks.”

Elmer’s Brighton Garage has decades of experience in the world of auto repair–a true landmark in the heart of Brighton’s Twelve Corners. Integrity is a benchmark of owner John Nicastro and his team of seasoned experts. They proudly post their Code of Ethics, so you can rest assured that your vehicle and you are in good hands. It’s true that each customer is given personalized treatment and every effort is made to ensure that the most cost-effective solution is followed. Elmer’s is a local gem for many who rely on their vehicles daily.

While most people will call attention to two certainties in life, there is a third: vehicle repairs. Unless you own something that never leaves its hermetically sealed case, then it’s a matter of when, not if you car is going to need fixing. We remain thankful for Elmer’s Brighton Garage, their honesty, and professionalism when our vehicles need the most care. Lest we forget–they probably have a best group of shop dogs you’ll ever meet!

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