Today we’re highlighting one of our next-door neighbors, of which you’ve likely noticed when visiting us. Pet Star Grooming might just have one of the nicest facilities your furbaby will ever experience. We’re talking doggy spa treatment! Their before-and-after photos are simply the best. You know–sort of reminiscent of the type you see from dental practices showing patients’ success stories. (Hey, we know a thing or two about that topic!)

We all know how happy people are when they get a makeover for their teeth. One would have to imagine the same is true for groomed dogs. What’s for certain is how adorable each pup looks when they leave. But grooming involves much more than you think and their work showcases a best-of-show vibe that’s sure to get the other dogs on your street barking. We’re glad to call you our neighbor, Pet Star! Thanks for helping pamper Brighton’s best friends!

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