Founded by Ben and Katie Morey in 2018, The Submarine School of Music now calls home to a familiar address for many of our patients. With the School now housed at 1500 South Clinton Ave., The Moreys have established a true gem in Brighton, NY. It’s a comprehensive music school that caters to both children and adults whose passion to learn almost an instrument and/or receive top-quality vocal training is second to none.

Ben and Katie have been teaching students of all ages privately since 2010. Together, they believe the greatest gift they can give to others in the community is the chance to experience the joy often found by playing music, regardless of their skill level, age, or socioeconomic background. With 2020 throwing the most avant-garde experimental jazz piece at Ben and Katie Morey, it’s clear to see they’ve established a robust vision for the School. Backed by long tenures creating music of their own both professionally and for fun, music has played a central role in their lives.

So what’s available to an aspiring student at The Submarine School of Music? Well, it’d probably be easier to list what isn’t available (that might involve some sort of odd instrument from prehistory). That’s because whether it’s guitar, piano, drums, ukulele, woodwinds, brass, strings, reeds, voice, or songwriting–well, just about everything is available to learn from the School.

The Moreys hope to continue growing and enriching the Brighton and surrounding Rochester, NY community through “a positive and inclusive environment by hiring a faculty of strong musicians and role models.” As soon as they meet the eligibility pre-requisites , The School aspires to establish itself as a new non-profit in Brighton. We’re excited to see Ben and Katie Morey’s vision come to life and look forward to the Submarine School of Music’s progression!

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